Firmware-Version V2.54 deutsch für 2500We jetzt offiziell

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Firmware-Version V2.54 deutsch für 2500We jetzt offiziell

Beitragvon Hagat » Fr 07.01.2005 - 16:51

Draytek Deutschland meldet sich mit einer neu übersetzten Firmware V2.54 endlich wieder zurück im ernsthaften Support für die Benutzer des 2500(We)!

Folgende Release-Notes werden angegeben:
Release Notes for Vigor2500 router series Firmware
Firmware Version : v2.54
Released : 2004/12/15

Applied Models : Vigor2500, Vigor2500We


Note : The RST file will clear out all existing router settings back to factory defaults. You must use the RST file if you are experience unusual results after upgrading with the ALL file.

Do not then attempt to restore old settings from a backup file made with from previous firmware. After upgrading, please check that your web configurator shows the firmware version/build listed above.

multi-PVC support shall be referred to ISP services. You are recommended not to use this portion if your ISP did not support multi-PVC.

You are recommended to select "UBR" of QoS for internet Access if you only use one PVC to access internet.

[release]: the same firmware for annex A and B
1> "" is with Conexant modem code v3.27.
( recommended for annex A [POTS] )
2> "" is with Conexant modem code v3.20.
( recommended for annex B [ISDN], Netherlands, Spain, and so on )
( For annex A, US, China )
3> "" is with Conexant modem code v3.46.
( Try this if you have sync problem on adsl. )
4> "" is with Conexant modem code v3.20.
( For Australia only )
Notes: 1. Please select modulation to "MULTI" or "T1.413" when your adsl line was annex B ( ADSL Over ISDN) and it only can work with Alcatel ETSI Mode.
2. Please try to use modem code v3.20 if you meet sync problem.
[1. New Features]
1.1. VPN machenism recover to previous.(Like v2.51)
[2. Fixed problems]
2.1. Resolve Heavy Traffic maybe (multi-sessions) cause Router reboot issue.
2.2. Add "Force DNS manual setting" item in MPoA page.
2.3. Remove Syslog message "out_mapping_pointer ...".
2.4. DMZ with "WAN IP Alias" maybe work unstable
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