alert on WAN1 or/and WAN2 failure

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alert on WAN1 or/and WAN2 failure

Beitragvon vindiou » Fr 25.04.2008 - 14:20


I'm sorry, I don't speak german, I hope you'll understand... I have a 2930n.

I would like to get a screen alert or/and a sound alert when WAN1 or/and WAN2 is/are down.

Suppose that WAN1 is down. The automatic failover feature of the 2930n will route the traffic from/to WAN2 transparently EVEN if you try to bind WAN interfaces via the Load-Balance Policy... (to test a ping for instance...)

Any idea?

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Beitragvon nobody » Fr 25.04.2008 - 23:26

I dont have a ready to run solution, only a way, how it should work:

If a Wan line goes down, this event will be logged to the syslog server if you turn this feature on.
Now, if you filter the syslog with a shell-script periodically run by a cron-job, you should be able to mail yourself an alert.

If you want to visit an english draytek forum in case nobody else comes up with something better:
There is a draytek UK forum:
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